Freyr Irrigation Systems

How does it work?

Soil Sensors

Connect with your existing soil sensors, or buy a starter pack from us.

Freyr uses these sensor to check soil moisture, soil temperature, air temperature, and humidity at the crop bed. This data is used to learn how your soil retains water, is affected by sunlight, and many other parameters.

Weather Data

Do you have a weather station at the location of the crop? Great! We can utilize that data to predict how the upcoming forecast will affect your soil conditions and adjust irrigation plans accordingly. 

Dont have a local weather station? That's ok too. While the most accurate information will come directly from the crops location, nearby National Weather Service data can be used instead.

Irrigation control

Freyr will calculate the optimal water needs for your plants based on the configured crop type along with historic and forecasted sensor data, weather forecasts, and crop bed profiles. 

Freyr currently supports ZigBee water valves when used with a compatible controller. Bring your own devices, or purchase a hardware pack from us to get started.

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